Make yourself at home

I spent some time in the garden today watching the solitary bees investigating my bee hotel. One of the holes seemed particularly popular.

Here’s solitary bee 1 helpfully pointing to the most popular hole:

That one up there – it’s lovely
I mean this one, right here, do you see?

In case I needed further persuasion of the benefits of this hole over any of the others, little bee entered to demonstrate…

Ooh it’s a lovely hole indeed

Only to go into reverse rather swiftly on discovering the hole was already occupied!

Eek! Reverse, reverse
See those antennae?! I’d best get out the way
He’s bigger than me! (is it my imagination or does bee 1 look a little horrified?)

Well, bees, there are plenty of holes to choose from, so please do make yourselves at home, there is room for everyone 🙂

Inspired by the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: At Home.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


    1. This one was a birthday gift that was purchased in a shop a few years ago. You can make your own too. They’re for solitary bees – these are different from the bees we’re used to that live in hives. These, as you can guess from the name, live on their own. The females look for places to lay their eggs, and a bee hotel is somewhere they quite like – they like hollow stems, holes in the ground etc. After they lay their egg they leave some pollen for it to eat when it grows and then plug up the end to keep them safe. When they’re grown they nibble their way out

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      1. i have never heard of such thing!! very interesting. could this “solitary bee” be only in the area you live????? i guess i will have to google this. lol


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