Quiet Moments

Quiet moments are my favourite kind of moments. If you are trying to take photos of potentially skittish small creatures, quiet moments are essential. Sometimes I find myself holding my breath as I creep closer to try and get that shot. Sometimes they pose nicely, sometimes they flit away as soon as the camera is raised!

Here are a few quiet moments with creatures found around my garden yesterday:

A Meadow Brown butterfly taking a rest on a leaf
A Red Admiral butterfly showing off its wings beautifully for me
A Green Shieldbug observing me as I observe him!
Mr Shieldbug decides he’s not that interested, and gives me his back view instead, which is actually rather interesting
A delicate Lacewing that fluttered around me and alighted on some grass flowers to allow me a quick shot
A frog in my pond, enjoying his own quiet moment, almost hidden away amongst the abundance of wildflower plants

I hope these photos have given you a quiet moment, just observing, and enjoying 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


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