Sun Sparkles

I went for a brief walk today. It was hot and sunny, too hot for me really, but I wanted to visit the village pond and see if there were any dragonflies. I didn’t stay long, but got a few shots. I have been having a bit of trouble with my auto-focus, and was a bit disappointed when I went through my photos, as many of them were out of focus.

But then I saw this one and felt a lot better!

Common Darter

The combination of the sun and the water worked together to give me this beautiful bokeh background! Really happy with this shot, raising this Common Darter to something quite magical

I also got quite a nice shot of a grasshopper sunbathing:


Hope you have been able to enjoy the sun without getting to uncomfortable. I’m torn, my favourite creatures love the sun, but I struggle with the heat! Even so, the world looks so much more hopeful in the sunshine.

If you’re struggling with the heat, perhaps this cooling video of the stream near the pond will help 🙂

Inspired by the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Under the Sun.

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. I enjoyed both the dragonfly and the grasshopper, Suzy. We are in the midst of some unbearably humid weather, though temperature-wise it has cooled off slightly from the heat of July.

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  2. it has been hot here in socal too and i have been spending the hot time inside. it seems when i dont check my shot after i take it, and wait until i get home, i often find issues with focus and exposure

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