Everyday Objects

This week’s theme for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is ‘Everyday Objects‘. I had an enjoyable time poking around the house for everyday objects to capture 🙂

My life at the moment includes a lot of cat care. My cat Bobby has had an eye ulcer for 7 weeks now and has been back and forth to the vets multiple times. He’s had surgery, and may well need more surgery to remove the eye if it doesn’t eventually heal. He also has Hyperthyroidism so is currently on meds for that as well as painkillers for the eye. So his medications have become everyday objects and he’s getting used to me squirting meds into his mouth twice a day! Here’s a little medication still life:

As you may be aware, I love to crochet, so there are various items around either finished or half finished. There is also rather a lot of yarn to be found! I decided to take a close up of the cardigan I’m making for my daughter to show the texture of the stitches and the detail of the yarn:

So, pets and crochet are a big part of my life… what else? Well me and my daughter have been collecting house plants, and our living room is now abundant with green (and other colours). Even living among these plants every day there are still details you might miss if you don’t pay attention. Like this flower on the String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii):

The flowers are a very odd shape and are really small. Quite fascinating.

If you look closely at some of the cacti, you might also find a flower or 2 there, lurking among the spikes:

In amongst the plants are some other interesting items, like this little gang of forest creatures and their rubber duck friend!

And there are some frogs chilling on the windowsill too.

My daughter likes to rescue fallen leaves from the plants and see if she can propagate them. This one is doing really well with lots of root growth:

Talking of the plants, we have a lovely little mister bottle which is both useful and decorative. When the sun shines though it you get a lovely blue glow.

Another item that catches the light is my little butterfly I got for my birthday this year:

Finally one of the other common objects you’ll find around our house is lego. We’re a bit older than the target market perhaps, but I think lego is something that can give years of pleasure, so why not carry on how ever old you are?! Here are a few items from the Harry Potter corner:

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. You are definitely a person of varied interests Suzy! Loved your selection this week, all beautifully captured. I think the mister is my favorite but as a huge Harry Potter fan I also enjoyed your Legos. Why am I not surprised Harry has become a featured option on that front?!

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  2. How wonderful that your daughter has picked up on your love of nature. Rooting from a leaf! Impressive. Your post encourages us as we are all somewhat limited in where we can go these days, these weeks, months…we can see from your post that beauty is all around us among the things we use in our everyday lives. Thanks for this.

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  3. I love your collection, Suzy. They really highlight your interests and give us a glimpse of your personality. I love that! Your plants are beautifully observed and captured. But the Legos and rubber duck stole my heart! Thanks for sharing them with us.

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  4. Lovely collection, Suzy – telling stories. Wonderful that you have so many plants and that your daughter is interested too! Hope your cat is recovering –
    I read in the comments that ceropegias are vanishing from their natural habitats. Sometimes it is fortunate that we grow certain species as houseplants . In Sweden we call their flowers lanterns!

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