Back to Dyfed Shires!

We hadn’t been able to visit Dyfed Shires since December last year, so we have been itching to go and visit for a while now. We were finally able to go and catch up with all the horses on Wednesday. It was so nice to see them all again, and the humans too! 🙂 I’ve decided to do this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge using photos from our visit as they fit well with the words chosen for this week’s challenge: comfortable, growing, tangled, crowded & exuberant.


We may not find lying on the ground all that comfortable, but this foal certainly does!

This very comfortable looking foal is called Indiana Jones or Jonesy for short. His mum Hope was doing a great job of watching over him while he snoozed
Jonesy woke up a bit, but was still comfortable on the grass
Considering lying down again
Yup it’s all too exhausting, Zzzzzzz


There is plenty of growing still left to do for the foals.

Jonesy is already pretty tall and he was only born in April! He’s definitely a growing boy!
He’s the perfect height to look over the gate
Still a way to go until Jonesy is as tall as the others, like Willa Rose here


Wind can make your mane all tangly, but just go with it, it adds to your charm 🙂

It’s not really that tangled, but I love how curly Jonesy’s mane is
Posing beautifully for me so you can see how handsome he is, with his fluffy tangly mane
Guinevere’s mane is looking cute and fluffy too
One day Guinevere may look as elegant and poised as her beautiful mum Santes


Lots of horses to greet, and sometimes they’re as keen to see us humans as we are to see them 🙂

When saying hello to little Guinevere, Santes and her friend Bonus don’t let her out of their sight so the photo is quite crowded


My daughter’s face with her favourite horse ❤ 🙂

Exuberant is how my daughter felt, getting to see her beloved Bryn again. He’s her unashamed favourite horse at Dyfed Shires
Love ❤
Little Guinevere was feeling pretty exuberant too 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. Oh I so love horses and these are truly wonderful. The only thing I love more than a horse is a colt! So glad you and your daughter were able to spend time with these beautiful creatures. Looks like they missed you too Suzy.

    Liked by 1 person

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