2020 Top 10

I’ve been looking at the most popular posts on my blog for this year. I based it on both views and likes. To me, likes are more important as that tells me the viewer liked it enough to press the button. Views just tell me they had a look and doesn’t tell me whether or not they liked what they saw! So, in my usual nerdy way, I created a spreadsheet with data on views and likes for each post. Then I did a calculation to add half the number of views to the number of likes to give myself a total for that post, weighted in favour of likes. It was a bit of a pain to be honest as while WordPress gives you stats for page views for the year in a nice list, it doesn’t do the same for likes. But this is the sort of weird stuff that I enjoy so I couldn’t just give up, and instead went through all the most viewed posts manually!

All these posts were in response to Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge prompts, which is a great way to get inspiration, and become part of a community of bloggers.

10. Red

A post about all things red. In nature, things that are called red often seem to actually look pink! However the featured image of the Large Red Damselfly does actually look red 🙂

Red, Jan 26 2020

9. Surprises in the Garden

A post about discoveries in the garden, like the Flowering Rush with its very first flower opening, after a long process of waiting for the buds to finish developing. I also shared photos of various small creatures hiding among my wildflowers.

Surprises in the Garden, Jun 28 2020

8. Winter isn’t coming … yet

A post about winter, posted in summer! We were looking ahead in the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, thinking about the seasons to come. I combined some of my wintry photos with poetry that I’ve written over the years.

Winter isn’t coming … yet, Jul 26 2020

7. Treasure Hunt

A post that involved digging through my archives for images to fit the various items in the Lens-Artists treasure hunt. It was a lot of fun to do. The image below was for the last item – “an expressive portrait of one or more people”.

Treasure Hunt, Feb 23 2020

6. Future Flowers

In this post I was thinking about the future, from a point of view in the past. This orchid was bought in 2016 and little did I know then that I would keep it alive and flowering for years! It’s actually now flowering again, and it will soon be 5 years since I got it.

Future Flowers, Feb 8 2020

5. A is for Amphibian

A recent post from earlier this month, which was focused on amphibians. The Lens-Artists topic was the letter A, so it was a very open topic, and after some thought I decided to choose some of the residents of my pond!

A is for Amphibian, Dec 6 2020

4. Narrow Depth

A post all about depth of field in photography, something that is really important in macro photography. I enjoyed sharing what I know about this and how it can be helpful to get a shot where the background blurs away and you can focus on the star of the show like this dragon.

Narrow Depth, Feb 16 2020

3. One Single Flower

A post focusing on just one flower. I increased the simplicity of the shot by bringing the flower indoors and setting things up so it was literally the only thing in the shot.

One Single Flower, Jun 14 2020

2. Things I like to do…

A post about all the things I enjoy doing, including photography (of course), virtual collecting of nature specimens, and crochet. I included a gallery of some finished crochet items which turned out to be surprisingly big!

Things I like to do…, May 17 2020

1. Make yourself at home

My most popular post of the year was this one, all about watching solitary bees make their home in my garden. These bees don’t normally get much exposure as we tend to think of Honey Bees and Bumblebees if someone mentions bees, so I’m glad this one came in at number 1. This little solitary bee is very cute and fluffy, and was happily investigating before getting a bit of a shock realising there was a bigger bee already in one of the holes!

Make yourself at home, Apr 26 2020.

Looking forward to sharing many more blog posts in 2021, and hoping that by this time next year we’ll be looking back at a less unusual times! Happy New Year to all my readers 🙂

By Suzy Shipman

I like to take photos and write words ...


  1. What a wonderful collection of images, Suzy. It’s hard to know how to interpret WordPress stats and I like the way that you did a weighted scoring system. I’m always most intrigued by comments, because they help me understand the ways that others are viewing my images. Likes are great, but I want to know why someone likes a posting. Is it the subject, the colors, the composition, or what? We are all biased when looking at our own work, so feedback is most often what I crave.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Suzy, what a lovely post and review of your year. Your images never disappoint and are often inspirational. You’ve made my day with your comments about our challenge – so happy to have you with us! Happy 2021 to you and yours.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post Suzy! I don’t think the WordPress stats are always correct. Usually bloggers from other countries who have commented on my posts don’t show up in the stats. It’s good that you took the time and could figure out the true stats. Loved your photos.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love your photos Suzy! And as a fellow spreadsheet nerd I’m inspired to consider what stats I might want to collect and analyse 😉 I agree with your conclusion that likes are more significant than views, but I’d also want to factor in comments – many people seem to leave positive comments but not bother with the like button!

    Liked by 1 person

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