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You can view more about my projects on Ravelry. My username is suzybluegirl if you’d like to connect.

Recently finished…

Kamila Fitted Cardigan

I made this with Scheepjes Stardust yarn (shade 656 Andromeda) which is a mix of Acrylic, Wool, Mohair and metallic sparkle. Just recently finished on 25th January 2017.



Works in progress…

I have a habit of starting something new when I haven’t finished the last thing so I have several things on the go…

Butterfly Stitch Shawl

Just started a new shawl using Scheepjes Stardust, shade 663 Gemini. More details when I’ve got going!

15534825_615200042022139_8801100481628733440_n_medium2Angel Wings Shawl by Susan Pinner

I started this CAL (crochet along) in the week before Christmas and haven’t quite finished as I got distracted by my new Scheepjes Stardust yarn. It has grown since I took this photo, but I haven’t put the edging on yet. It’s a really lovely project made with some cheap ‘MAGIC Double Knitting’ yarn that I picked up in PoundWorld.

 using Sirdar Sylvan Chunky

I picked up some of this yarn at half price in Hobbycraft and found this pattern online. I really should do one thing at a time but I couldn’t resist! I’ll be using Cloudwood, rather than the colour used in the photo.

peacock2btail2bbag_deep2b2Lilla Björn’s Peacock Tail Bag

I’ve finished the bag itself but haven’t got around to do the lining and the strap. I think I’m scared of the lining part. I’m not a huge fan of sewing and I’ll have to do it by hand as I don’t have a machine. One day I will get round to it as it’s a beautiful bag and I’d love to actually use it!

du_malmo_crafter_0Dedri & Lilla Björn’s Birthday in Malmö blanket

I got this for my birthday in 2016 and I’ve enjoyed working on it. So far I’m up to about half way through the sea. It’s huge and warm and snuggly. I think I’ll go back to it and finish it off when I’ve made the cardigan I’m currently working on. Here’s the last photo I took of mine – a close up as it’s so big!


model20a201Scheepjes ‘Pullover of Stone Washed’

So far I’ve done the back and part of the front but got distracted! One day I will get back to it and finish it off. My colour scheme is a little different – these are the colours I’m using:


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