Primates of Monkey World

I’m still here! Haven’t had much blogging mojo lately, but here I am. I’m visiting my sister in Dorset and yesterday we had a trip to Monkey World. We hadn’t been there for years so it was lovely to see how it’s changed and how the apes and monkeys have grown up. Photos aren’t theContinue reading “Primates of Monkey World”

Farewell little piggies

Today our remaining little pig Lily had to be put down due to a tumour. It was a very sad decision to have to make but there was nothing they could do and she was suffering. Her sister Splodge died suddenly in November, so now we are no longer owners of squeaky little piggies. FarewellContinue reading “Farewell little piggies”

Spot the Kitten

The sister of the kitten I posted yesterday was drawing attention to herself today at the riding centre … can you spot the kitten (clue: top right)? The building is the Pony Barn which houses about 7 ponies, and the little kitten was spotted sunning herself amongst the climbers. Here she is close up: SheContinue reading “Spot the Kitten”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

This photo sums up my daughter’s joy in riding. She adores horses and ponies and she is always delighted when she gets to go riding. This was taken before a Show Jumping competition earlier this year, when she was very excited and joyful to be riding Dotty the pony, and to be doing jumping, whichContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy”

Cross Country

This morning was spent with my daughter at a show – she was taking part in show-jumping and cross country on Carrots, a pony from the stables she goes to regularly. This is her jumping over one of the cross country jumps. I took many photos, as you’d imagine, and I think that this isContinue reading “Cross Country”