Curious Sparrow

At the weekend I spotted this sparrow in a slightly incongruous location on this electricity pole. I was peering at it and it peered right back, stretching up to see me over the top of the barbed wire!


Less Elusive Pheasants

We often hear Pheasants when we’re out walking – they have a pretty distinctive sound. But the only times I usually see them are when they are on the roadside and I’m driving somewhere. However, at RSPB Ynyshir the other day there were about 6 or 7 young Pheasants hanging around the bird feeders! At first I wasn’t sure what they were as they don’t have the long tails I’d expect for a Pheasant, but that’s because they’re young. A quick check on the RSPB website and a bit of googling confirmed the identification. They were quite brave – not too fussed about people coming and going, so I was able to get a few nice shots of them.

Freshly Fledged


There was some kerfuffle going on in the garden this evening … there were baby Great Tits in various trees and bushes being visited by their parents. There was a lot of squeaking and squawking from the babies and this helped me to spot them! I found a good view point to watch this one without scaring it too much – I was tucked in by the fence – that’s why there’s a brown corner! I thought at first it was definitely “our” Great Tits that have been nesting in the wall of our house, but I’m not so sure now. We’ve seen the parents still visiting the nest, so either these are fledglings from another nest or there are still some left in the nest. Either way, very exciting 🙂

Helpful Kite


This Red Kite appeared to want to have its photo taken on Sunday. I was just back from a walk, standing in the garden looking at the Willow catkins when I heard it calling. I looked up to see, and it came swooping over me, did three circles over my head, and flew away with another call. It really felt like it was saying ‘hey, look at me’ and I was very grateful. This was my best photo I think.

Red Kite


A bit of a change from all the flowers today – I was out for a walk on Saturday looking for signs of spring, and this Red Kite came flying overhead. I’m very lucky to live in an area where these birds are actually pretty commonplace, but I don’t often get a decent shot as I mainly have the macro lens on my camera. But these 2 shots aren’t too bad. I nearly fell over taking them as the bird flew over my head as I was following it with my camera!IMG_8462

Robin Serenade

edit-7622Sorry for the lack of photos lately. Haven’t had much chance to get out – lack of time, and not very nice weather. Anyway, I’m now spending a few days at my Parents’ house before heading back home for Christmas with Bruce. I had a little potter round the garden here and spotted this lovely robin. He was singing his heart out and it seemed like it was specially for me 🙂

Robin Again

Mr Robin was hopping about the garden again yesterday, and I managed to grab a shot, which came out surprisingly well considering I had my camera set up for macro! I can’t resist a robin!



Sorry about the patchy posting. I would love to get back into a regular rhythm but the weather, the drugs and the pain are all against me! When I have time to take photos or sort out a post, I’ve been mostly in a heap sleeping because codeine sucks the life out of me! The last few days I’ve emerged from the fog as I’m just taking ibuprofen and putting up with the pain for the sake of being a bit more with it! Quite helpful.

So anyway – you’re here for photos!

Yesterday afternoon I had a little potter around the garden to see what I could see and this lovely little Robin was sitting on my washing line looking at me. He’s often hanging around looking like he’d like a chat, but this time I had the camera ready and got these shots of him. He’s lovely.



Persistent Pigeons

The other day when I was taking photos of squirrels, we were getting a bit frustrated with the pigeons who kept trying to steal the nuts. Some of them were very cheeky and tried to sneak nuts right out of our hands. This one in particular was very persistent so I took some photos of him. He was so close to me that I had no option other than to get these close-up shots!



Garden Visitor


This little guy and a friend (sibling?) have been hanging around the garden cheeping a lot. Maybe he’s recently fledged and is calling his mum to come feed him. I’m not sure, but he seems to always be there perching in a bush or on a branch cheeping and peering curiously at me. I believe he’s a baby Dunnock. He’s very cute and it’s been fun creeping round the garden trying to get a good shot without frightening him.