Persistent Pigeons

The other day when I was taking photos of squirrels, we were getting a bit frustrated with the pigeons who kept trying to steal the nuts. Some of them were very cheeky and tried to sneak nuts right out of our hands. This one in particular was very persistent so I took some photos ofContinue reading “Persistent Pigeons”

Garden Visitor

This little guy and a friend (sibling?) have been hanging around the garden cheeping a lot. Maybe he’s recently fledged and is calling his mum to come feed him. I’m not sure, but he seems to always be there perching in a bush or on a branch cheeping and peering curiously at me. I believeContinue reading “Garden Visitor”

Canada Geese Fly Past

Apart from the damselflies, another thing we saw a lot of at Ynys Hir on Saturday was Canada Geese. There didn’t seem to be any other sorts of geese around, but there were plenty of these ones. They seem to honk a lot as they fly over, so we had a bit of warning ofContinue reading “Canada Geese Fly Past”

Dinner time for birds

I’d forgotten about these shots I got of birds feeding at Ynys Hir a couple of weeks ago. I was borrowing Bruce’s 70-200mm lens and I was pretty pleased with these. I’ve not taken many shots of birds really as I tend to go for the macro shots normally. In these photos you’ll see blueContinue reading “Dinner time for birds”


I got a few shots of wings at the weekend – mostly birds in flight but also one which was in the middle of flapping its wings while on the ground. There’s a couple of Herring Gulls, some Shelducks and Canada Geese. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Shelduck before so I was quiteContinue reading “Wings”

Pigeon Parade

When the pigeons at Coy Pond weren’t washing, they seemed to spend a lot of time strutting their stuff in front of anyone who would look. The males were puffing up for the ladies and cooing seductively (well I assume lady pigeons find it seductive, although they mainly looked unimpressed). So of course, I tookContinue reading “Pigeon Parade”

Ducks & Drakes

Some more ducks today – again taken at Coy Pond during my visit to Bournemouth. I was pleased to catch some water droplets on the lady duck in these shots – she’d been diving under the water and I was trying to get shots as she was surfacing. And I love the colour of theContinue reading “Ducks & Drakes”


I’m back home now, but still have some photos to post from my trip to Bournemouth. I mentioned that there were gulls as well as ducks and pigeons up at Coy Pond, and today we have some photos of them. They were all black headed gulls, which are somehow nicer than herring gulls (in myContinue reading “Gulls”