Bathing Pigeons

We were at Coy Pond today again watching the ducks and gulls, and the pigeons were hanging around as usual, but today it seemed that they were feeling a bit grubby as several of them decided to have a wash at the edge of the pond. They looked quite funny and I took a fewContinue reading “Bathing Pigeons”

Serene Duck

I’m in Bournemouth at the moment, visiting my sister. The other day we went for walk to a local pond which has lots of ducks, and as it turned out a lot of gulls too. Anyway, I took a lot of photos, as usual, and this one stands out to me. This duck was fearlessContinue reading “Serene Duck”

Red Kites

I did get a few shots of the Red Kites yesterday. They’re not brilliant, and had to be quite heavily cropped, but I wasn’t really expecting much as I wasn’t using an appropriate lens. Bruce’s shots are better, but here are mine 🙂 The first one shows just a fraction of the number of RedContinue reading “Red Kites”

Driving Sunset

On my drive home from work yesterday the sky was looking beautiful and I decided to try getting some shots on my phone camera. It was an interesting experiment, and you do get to see how beautiful the sky was, but unfortunately there are also road signs, lamp posts, etc. spoiling the shots a bit.Continue reading “Driving Sunset”

Dreaming of Summer

If you’re a reader of my poetry blog you may have seen my poem yesterday with the same title as this post. I’d been playing with my blog theme and had put in a nice summery beach photo as the header, which set me off dreaming of summer. I thought I’d continue with that themeContinue reading “Dreaming of Summer”