Unexpected Beauty

Like me, you’ve probably never noticed a Potato flower before. Usually we just see the tubers, as we’re peeling them and cooking them for dinner, but if you accidentally start growing potato plants (for example if you chucked a bunch of old gone-to-seed potatoes into the compost pile) you’d be surprised! Obviously we weren’t growing them for their actual potatoes, so we just left them to it after the initial amusement of accidentally growing potatoes. But then they started flowering, and they have surprising beautiful and unusual flowers for such a common and ordinary vegetable…

They’re also quite popular with spiders and leafhoppers, so we get to enjoy taking photos of them too πŸ™‚


Last Honeysuckle?

The Honeysuckle growing up on the trellis outside my living room window is having a go at flowering, despite not managing a single flower for the rest of the summer! It got cut back rather vigorously last year along with the clematis that was trying to pull of my guttering! I thought it was dead. But I noticed a flower outside the window, and now there is one more, not opened yet. I suspect it will be the last one for this year, but maybe next year it will manage a few more than two flowers!

Fresh new Honeysuckle flower:

The Hoverflies are enjoying these late blooms:

Part of
 photo PhotoParty_zps9111bfa9.jpg


I have a lot of photos that I sadly haven’t shared yet, so I’m going to try and sort them all out and post them. Firstly here are a couple of shots of the Buddleia. This is actually from a few days again as now many of the flower heads are fully open. Strangely we haven’t seen that many butterflies yet. I’m sure there were a lot more this time last year but maybe it was later in the year … anyway, we shall see! Hope to see a mass of fluttering wings soon.



Soft Cornflower

I had an idea to take some soft focus photos of my cornflowers today. I’m not entirely sure whether these are good or bad. I do love the blue. Can soft focus go too soft? These are my favourites…



Buttercup Splash


I spotted this buttercup at the weekend, a bit past its best, soon to be turning to a seedhead. I like the way it’s spread wider than the average buttercup and is a bit uneven rather than being a neat ‘cup’. It looks quite different from the norm. This pleases me. And I’m pleased that this is a no-crop photo – I was experimenting with making sure the composition is right in the camera and not relying on cropping it later. I filled the frame and no crops were required πŸ™‚



I very carefully focused on the stamens in this shot, which was tricky as there was quite a breeze and the flower kept swaying! But thankfully I got the shot I wanted. I like how soft the green background is, and that you can see all the detail of this interestingly shaped flower.

Soft Rhododendron


The Rhododendrons are all coming out now. I decided to go for a very narrow depth of field in this photo, and focused on the stamens in this flower, so the petals are lovely and soft πŸ™‚

Bluebell Blanket

I’m not going to waffle on because it’s late, and the photos speak for themselves. I had a walk at lunchtime in the woods near where I work, and it was beautiful – the Bluebells blanketed the ground and the smell and sight was spectacular. Hope it comes across in the photos πŸ™‚









Welsh Poppy


This Welsh Poppy is one of the first few Poppies to open this year. This one is round the side of my house.

I’m back at work now, so forgive me if the posts tail off a bit during the week. Hopefully I’ll get some walks in at the weekend.


IMG_0208Had a little walk round the village today and spotted some tulips in flower. I went between this one and the sun so I could get the light coming through the petals. I think it worked quite well πŸ™‚