Green Green Grass(hopper) of Home

We had a little walk yesterday when the rain showers took a break, and I went grasshopper hunting again. I only managed to spot one but he was pretty co-operative and let me take a few shots. This one is a Common Green Grasshopper, an especially green one it seems, blending with the green green…… Continue reading Green Green Grass(hopper) of Home

Ninja Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are very easy to hear but less easy to see. Sometimes on walks I spend a lot of time stalking grasshoppers with varying results. Grasshopper demonstrating camouflage with blades of grass: Grasshopper turning its back to me in annoyance that its camouflage failed: Grasshopper trying to blend in and nearly succeeding: Grasshopper leaving the…… Continue reading Ninja Grasshoppers