Last Butterflies

As it is turning autumnal I expect to be seeing fewer and fewer butterflies, so I thought I’d post a few of those I’ve seen recently. From a couple of weeks ago, this is the one and only shot I’ve had of a Small Copper this year. It’s not great, but as it was theContinue reading “Last Butterflies”

Dandelion Central

A couple of weeks ago I was taking photos in the garden and my eye was caught by a hoverfly on a dandelion flower, so I started watching it and taking some photos. I was surprised to find that there was another occupant of the flower – a spider – lurking underneath. The spider hadContinue reading “Dandelion Central”

Green Green Grass(hopper) of Home

We had a little walk yesterday when the rain showers took a break, and I went grasshopper hunting again. I only managed to spot one but he was pretty co-operative and let me take a few shots. This one is a Common Green Grasshopper, an especially green one it seems, blending with the green greenContinue reading “Green Green Grass(hopper) of Home”

Raindrops & Spiders

There’s not a lot to see in the garden this evening. It’s been raining much of the day and I took a brief potter about, but there wasn’t much sun left and it was mostly raindrops and spiders … so that is what you get! Looking forward to a week off work next week. FingersContinue reading “Raindrops & Spiders”

Ninja Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are very easy to hear but less easy to see. Sometimes on walks I spend a lot of time stalking grasshoppers with varying results. Grasshopper demonstrating camouflage with blades of grass: Grasshopper turning its back to me in annoyance that its camouflage failed: Grasshopper trying to blend in and nearly succeeding: Grasshopper leaving theContinue reading “Ninja Grasshoppers”