Bee Tease

At my mum’s the other day I was watching Bumblebees busy collecting nectar on Teasels. They are very methodical, going round and round the teasel visiting every little flower. It seems like a dull, repetitive job, but they do it with apparent enthusiasm. I think I could do with a bit of their attitude toContinue reading “Bee Tease”

A Dragon’s Tale

Please click the images to see them full-size A Dragon’s Tale I spied a dragon flitting by and when he rested ‘pon the fence I crept towards him pace by pace At first from far I saw him there some distance from me perching Slowly I sneaked up to him creeping onwards as he posedContinue reading “A Dragon’s Tale”


Droneflies, a kind of hoverfly, are all around at the moment, so of course photos have been taken. They’re not bees, even though they can be mistaken for them, but they do pollinate flowers so are just as useful. They’re also kind of cute in their own way. Here are a few from around theContinue reading “Droneflies”

Benefits of Meadow Grass

If you let your grass grow tall into a beautiful meadow, you get this reward at this time of year … Soldier Beetles everywhere. I think it is their time to get out and about and find a mate, and since we let the grass grow tall in the back garden, they are in theirContinue reading “Benefits of Meadow Grass”

Here Be Dragons

Sorry I’ve not posted for nearly a week. It’s been one of those weeks, but it’s the weekend and yesterday we had a lovely morning walk at Cors Caron, our local marshy nature reserve. One of the main features of the walk were Dragonflies (and Damselflies) and I kept thinking to myself of old-fashioned mapsContinue reading “Here Be Dragons”