the moon
draped in cloud
for her
far below


evening in the garden

edit-5813purple flower spikes
less busy now
as evening comes
and here I sit
with tea
and camera
(just in case)

no butterflies left
they’ve gone to bed
(where do they sleep?)

but still the swallows
chitter by
the out-late bees
hum-bumble low
and early moths

time slows
to a honeyed trickle
in our wild garden

simple desires

IMG_0625warm sun
and daydreams
fly-away wishes
all I desire, I have here with me
building our dreams
into new life together
the simplest of things
full of beauty for two

buzzing blues

img_0336one day buzzing of bees in the sunshine
next day buzzing of blues in my ears
bluebells lose their bells and become merely blues
and the hues are fading grey-wards
with the rain clouds