a heavy chain made of fear and worry wraps tight around my chest making breathing shallow and turning lips to blue solid links of cold hard iron dig into my flesh stifling suffocating holding me down and all I can do is wait head bowed tears welling hanging on to your hand until the chain…… Continue reading Chained

fluff and prickles

all of us are made of fluff and prickles to different degrees damaged and hurting we protect ourselves under these spiked shells no hurt can reach us pain cannot enter but neither can love there comes a time when risks must be taken inner softness shown made vulnerable open and exposed soft feathery heart

Sunset Burns

transfixed by fire in the sky mind stolen, seared through unable to wrench my eyes from this glorious vision drifting with the deep gold light drinking in the molten colours the world is nothing but a silhouette stark contrast with this wonder drench my soul with blazing glow rend the air with dazzling flames the hills ignite…… Continue reading Sunset Burns