When this is over

When this is overI will not rushto peopleto shopsto restaurants, bars, cafesto once-again busy streetsI will rush in the opposite directionto disconnectto sit hereto beto feelto observeto drench myself in quietimmerse myself in natureand let it restore my soul And after I’ve sat for a while, I’ll go and look for some of my favourite…… Continue reading When this is over

2 Hours

This is all the time I have.The rest of my time is stolen away.I am timeless.I am a half-life, half-asleep,blog-posting through a blur of fatigue.My edges are unclear. My face a smear as I slide down the glasslooking out at those with lives.Wondering how they capture timeand make it bend.


for twenty years (and nine months) I have loved youfor twenty years (and nine months) I have held you close to my heartour love is now measured in decades!decades of laughter, worry, joy, fear, LOVEand though you are a man nowyou are always my baby boya six foot baby boy with a beard,but still my…… Continue reading Twenty


I am a hermit, curled tight in my shell. Face pressed into the warmth of my creativity. I cannot rise above perpetual pain to be your beacon in the night. The world is larger than my mind can stretch. You will move beyond to the stars.

Early night

light diffused through thin curtains muscles burn, bone weary not-even twilight as I wait for sleep just another day just another way in which I struggle to live fully, widely foolishly hoping for respite endlessly pushing onward towards some invisible goal because that’s just what you do, right? just keep moving until moving is no…… Continue reading Early night

18 years

18 years ago I was right here A different person But the same me I was breathing I was terrified Realising my life was about to change The fear The thrill The pain I didn’t know it would be hours yet But I knew it was time It was all beginning And everything would change