Last Butterflies

As it is turning autumnal I expect to be seeing fewer and fewer butterflies, so I thought I’d post a few of those I’ve seen recently. From a couple of weeks ago, this is the one and only shot I’ve had of a Small Copper this year. It’s not great, but as it was theContinue reading “Last Butterflies”

Autumn Bounty

Autumn is firmly here, despite a few warm days. Mornings start cold and misty, and today there was a touch of frost. The trees are changing colour. Currently the Beech is turning yellow and later in the year it will turn to brown. Along the wall by the church, the cotoneaster is covered in berriesContinue reading “Autumn Bounty”

Beginnings of Autumn

I thought I’d do a little country diary catch-up today and let you know what is going on in nature around the village at the moment. Well, it feels very much like autumn to me – the temperature has been consistently lower, the mist hangs across the river in the morning, and some of theContinue reading “Beginnings of Autumn”

Last Honeysuckle?

The Honeysuckle growing up on the trellis outside my living room window is having a go at flowering, despite not managing a single flower for the rest of the summer! It got cut back rather vigorously last year along with the clematis that was trying to pull of my guttering! I thought it was dead.Continue reading “Last Honeysuckle?”

Raindrops & Spiders

There’s not a lot to see in the garden this evening. It’s been raining much of the day and I took a brief potter about, but there wasn’t much sun left and it was mostly raindrops and spiders … so that is what you get! Looking forward to a week off work next week. FingersContinue reading “Raindrops & Spiders”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

I was thinking about the Weekly Photo Challenge, which is about ‘Containers’ this week … and wondering if there was anything I take photos of that would fit. As you know I’m mainly nature and macro, and don’t take a lot of photos of anything industrial, which is what the word containers make me thinkContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers”

Benefits of Meadow Grass

If you let your grass grow tall into a beautiful meadow, you get this reward at this time of year … Soldier Beetles everywhere. I think it is their time to get out and about and find a mate, and since we let the grass grow tall in the back garden, they are in theirContinue reading “Benefits of Meadow Grass”