What happened next?

If you remember, I ended my post about Snake’s Head Fritillary the other day pondering whether the seed pods were nearly ready to burst open. Well, it was a few more days but they weren’t far off. This weekend some are already empty and some are just opened up with the seeds now visible. Hopefully…… Continue reading What happened next?

Blooming Wheelbarrow

We have an old wheelbarrow with a broken wheel. It was no good to anyone so we were thinking it needed to go to the tip. But Bruce had a bright idea to turn it into something beautiful… So Bruce drilled some holes, me and my daughter did some shopping, and between us we made…… Continue reading Blooming Wheelbarrow

Hoverfly and Scabious

The Scabious are flowering by the pond in my garden and they seem to be rather attractive to Hoverflies. I believe this one is a female Eristalis horticola. I’ve found one reference to a common name of  ‘Stripe-Winged Dronefly’, but other than than people seem to just call them by their Latin name. Hoverflies are…… Continue reading Hoverfly and Scabious

Spring approaches

I dare to dream that spring may soon be here. I dream of an end to cold mornings, an end to hand’s skin dried out by the weather, an end to layers and layers and still feeling chilly. These are only phone photos but they hold all the hope of masterpieces. Spring, you are welcome,…… Continue reading Spring approaches

More Bluebells

Along with the Bluebells that were adorned with Bumblebees, there were also many others just showing off their glory on their own. Without a wide angle lens I couldn’t get the full carpet effect, but I enjoyed getting some shots of individuals with the carpet soft-focused behind, as well as some against the greenery. Lovely…… Continue reading More Bluebells

Lurking with intent

On Monday afternoon (a bank holiday here in the UK) I ventured out while the sun was shining for a nice walk. That was when I spotted yesterday’s damsel. Whilst dragons and damsels look beautiful and elegant when they’re all grown up, they start life in the pond as larvae and I’ve discovered this year…… Continue reading Lurking with intent

Butterflies are back

Hurrah for butterflies! I did spot one fluttering past me on a warm day a few weeks back but since then nothing until last weekend when I spotted this Small Tortoiseshell in the garden: In case you are wondering, he’s decided to land on the remains of an old bonfire, giving a rather unusual backdrop.…… Continue reading Butterflies are back