Today we walked down the gardens with a stash of hazelnuts, and my camera, to find some squirrels 🙂 One of my favourites was this one, who I call One-Ear since he has only got one normal ear. He was pretty tame but being terrorised by pigeons which we got rather cross with!   He…… Continue reading Squirrelling

More from Cors Caron

On Friday I mentioned all the wildlife we saw on a walk at Cors Caron, but so far I’ve only shared photos of one of the damselflies and the grasshoppers … so here I am to rectify matters and bring you some other lovely wildlife from that day. First off, here is the shot I…… Continue reading More from Cors Caron

Tiny Frogs

Today on our regular walk round to the pond in the village, there was great excitement as we realised the tadpoles’ transformation was pretty much complete! The first tiny baby frogs have started to emerge and at various points around the edge of the pond, we found them sitting, getting used to being frogs :)…… Continue reading Tiny Frogs

Pretty Pony

I’m still working my way through photos from Ynys Hir. There are a bunch of ponies in the reserve, and they were hanging around near the path. I took a few photos but mostly they had their heads down munching grass. This one helpfully looked up, and it’s very pretty – I like the contrasting…… Continue reading Pretty Pony

Catwalk Sheep

Another shot from our trip to Ynys Hir just over a week ago. This sheep made me laugh – its fleece was all hanging off but it seemed to think it looked beautiful and was posing for me like a catwalk model showing off the latest fashion 🙂

Operation Frog

Once upon a time there was a water feature in my garden, which faded into memory as the garden went wild … and now as Bruce is clearing up the mess, he rediscovered the water tank which used to house the pump for the water feature. The reason I’m telling you this is because we…… Continue reading Operation Frog