Grown Up

The kittens at my daughter’s riding school are looking very grown up now. They are still quite small, but their faces have matured so now they’re cats really, not kittens at all. This one is Piper, the little girl. She reminds me of a cat I used to have a long time back.

Kitten 1

Kitten 2


Growing Kitten

I took my camera with me again while taking my daughter to riding at the weekend, and got another few shots of the kittens. It’s just over a month since I last took a photo of this kitten and he’s grown. His ears now look a little more in proportion with his face! 🙂



Today has not been a good day, pain-wise. I hoped things were improving but today has been very painful despite taking as many pills as I’m allowed to take! I’ve worked out that I can sit at the family PC far more comfortably than I can sit on the sofa with the laptop, so I’m here now, all dosed up on painkillers with a hot water bottle under my thigh. No new photos taken today, but while I was pottering about yesterday looking for “inside” photos, I took these photos of Bobby the cat. You can just about see in the 2nd photo that his left ear is all mangled from a fight he had a while ago – he looks a bit lop-sided now but still cute 🙂



Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This week’s photo challenge is quite fitting, with the weather outside today being rainy and windy … I’d rather stay inside. So I was looking round the house for something to photograph and got this shot of one of our Guinea Pigs. It’s doubly on the inside theme – she’s inside the house, inside her tunnel 🙂



Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside.

Cute Kitten

Today while taking my daughter to riding we had some time to have cuddles and play with 2 little kittens at the riding centre. They were very cute! I took quite a few shots, but this is my favourite. I love how he’s sniffing the flowers and looking around so inquisitively 🙂