Sparkly Experiments

I have a new toy to play with – a set of extension tubes. I was experimenting to see the effect of using them in different combinations and taking photos of a bit of pipe cleaner from my daughter’s arts & crafts pile. These are a few of the best shots going from just theContinue reading “Sparkly Experiments”

Heart of Gold

These photos are from back in August. I came upon this flower while wandering around a castle filled with many many tourists. I felt slightly silly stopping and squatting taking macro shots while everyone else was busy looking at castle walls and cannons, but that’s just the way I am! I believe it is anContinue reading “Heart of Gold”

Softest Pink

Some of my favourite things to photograph are flowers, and of course I like to get up close and personal with them. At this time of year there are not many flowers out there so I’m delving through my photos from through the year. These two are from back in June. I like the softnessContinue reading “Softest Pink”


As Christmas is approaching and some of my fellow bloggers have been posting festive photos, I thought I’d join in. I had a fun session with my camera & tripod last night, using long(ish) exposures to get photos of baubles on my tree just lit by the fairy lights. I quite like how these cameContinue reading “Baubles”


This might not be my best macro shot ever, but it is a photo of my most treasured possession, so I’m posting it anyway. It’s not a treasured possession because of monetary value but because of what it means to me. There are other things I have which are important to me like my camera,Continue reading “Treasure”

Holly Bokeh

My holly tree was all covered in shiny droplets yesterday, each one catching the light, giving a great chance for catching some bokeh. Here are a few photos that catch the holly bokeh quite well I think. I do like bokeh when it comes just by chance, although I have deliberately manufactured it on occasionContinue reading “Holly Bokeh”