Green Tree

It may be the middle of winter but some trees are still very green, though not from leaves. This one at the bottom of my parents’ garden is covered in lichen and moss which makes it very interesting to photograph. Well, interesting to me anyway, as I like that kind of thing! 🙂 All these…… Continue reading Green Tree

Feathery Soft

In the continuing quest to find something to photograph while it chucks it down outside (again) I found this feather. It must have been from some kind of novelty as it’s dyed green, so not entirely natural. I like how soft it is and the colour against the background.

Moss Sporophytes

Many moons ago I went to University and one of my favourite areas of study was bryophytes (mosses, liverworts and hornworts). I did tend to like the more weird and wonderful plants and animals, and things that were neither plant nor animal (like the slightly revolting but fascinating slime molds). Anyway, back to bryophytes ……… Continue reading Moss Sporophytes

Droplets of Disco Balls

It has been raining and raining continually today and we were frustrated that we couldn’t go out and take photos, so we’ve been taking photos of things indoors to make up for it. I got an old CD and added some water and had some fun capturing these disco ball style droplets 🙂