I know some people dislike Grey Squirrels but I am quite fond of them. These are a couple of shots from April this year of friendly squirrels. Their friendliness may have had something to do with the bag of hazelnuts I was carrying! 🙂

Snail Trails

One damp morning back in August I got up early to walk alone with my camera in a park. It was quiet and beautiful and there were snails everywhere enjoying the wet. These are a few of my favourite shots from that day.

Bees Knees

A reminder of warmer days today – these are some of my favourite photos I’ve taken of bees this year. I find them very fascinating and love taking photos of them, unless they fly at my face – in that case I tend to just run away screaming in a very girly way!

Heart of Gold

These photos are from back in August. I came upon this flower while wandering around a castle filled with many many tourists. I felt slightly silly stopping and squatting taking macro shots while everyone else was busy looking at castle walls and cannons, but that’s just the way I am! I believe it is an…… Continue reading Heart of Gold

Softest Pink

Some of my favourite things to photograph are flowers, and of course I like to get up close and personal with them. At this time of year there are not many flowers out there so I’m delving through my photos from through the year. These two are from back in June. I like the softness…… Continue reading Softest Pink