Wet Again

Just a quick note to say I’m glad we decided to go out on Friday afternoon. Today it’s turned back to windy and wet weather so I won’t be venturing out. I hope this weather doesn’t stick around too long this time!

Nature’s Calendar and a Bee

I found out about Nature’s Calendar on Oak Trees Studio’s blog just the other day and it’s a really great tool, which I immediately signed up to! It’s made by the Woodland Trust and you can record the dates when you see certain signs of spring (and later on, autumn), like when the snowdrops or…… Continue reading Nature’s Calendar and a Bee


Just a very quick note to say that the winds have lessened and power has come back on after many hours … and I saw my first daffodil flowers today! Things are looking up 🙂


Another weather update for you! Yesterday it was snow, and today it’s strong winds. I knew there was windy weather forecast but this morning it got upgraded to a red alert from about lunch time to 9pm tonight. Red alerts are the highest weather alerts that the Met Office give out, and it says that…… Continue reading Wind!