Birthday Breakfast

In a bit of a change from my normal photographic offerings, here are some photos from my iPhone taken yesterday at a joint birthday meal for me and my daughter (my birthday was on Friday and hers is today) Me, my daughter, my mum, dad and sister all went to the local Harvester to try their unlimited breakfasts. You can basically ask for as many as you want of anything from the menu … e.g. my daughter asked for 6 rashers of bacon and 3 sausages! There was also all the continental breakfast items that you can have as much as you wanted of, as well as tea, coffee and juice. It was really fun and tasty, and good value too 🙂 We also had to go on the bus (Bruce has the car, back home) which added to the adventure as we rarely go on the bus at home.

And here’s one my daughter took of me (instagrammed so it has filters and stuff):



Theme Fiddling

I am playing with my theme
Please excuse me
More poetry coming soon!

To Merge or not to Merge?

Hello dear readers, can I have a little help please?

As you may know, I have several blogs:

  • This one (Blue Girl Poems), which is where I post my poems
  • Blue Girl Photography, which is where I post my best photos
  • Suzy’s Country Diary, which is where I blog about nature and how it’s changing through the seasons, including lots of photos

Now sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to put all my posts on one blog instead of having different places for different things. But then I think that people who are interested in my poems might well not be at all interested in my photos, or my nature diary, or vice versa. So I have a bit of a dilemma.

As you are the people who read this stuff, perhaps you can tell me what you think?

Please answer the poll to let me know what you think I should do:

Of course, if the decision is made to merge, then I’ve got to figure out how best to do that, but that can wait for now!

Thanks for helping 🙂

Suzy x

Reading Help Request

Dear fellow poets,

I am not a well-read poet
I have not read the classics
I read your poems of course
But haven’t really delved
Into past greats, though
I have read amazing poetry
Written in world wars I and II
That made me cry with broken sadness
And I have read Cohen and melted
Into a puddle of passion
But what else is there out there
That really I MUST read?

Help me out dear loves?

Please comment with a poet or two that I really ought to read

Thank you kindly,
Ms Blue x

PS hope I didn’t offend anyone with my last poem which was not entirely complimentary to the church – just my opinion, each to his own