The weather has begun to improve thankfully, but it was a bit late in the day to go looking for spring flowers to photograph. I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow. Meanwhile, this evening I noticed that the sky was looking pretty and decided to grab my camera, tripod and laptop and have a go at a timelapse. I had a few technical hitches, like realising my laptop had barely any power, and then the software that controls the camera kept crashing for some reason … but in the end I got my shots. I took 200 shots, one every 5 seconds and this is the result. I’d like to have a better view of the sunset but I couldn’t go far, and it was really cold sat out there!


Time Lapse no. 3

Yesterday I had a go at another time lapse video. I was hoping to get lovely colours of sunset, but sadly it was just clouds, getting darker and darker 😦 Still, I am getting better at the set up and you can see the clouds whizzing across the sky and the trees shaking in the strong winds. Lucky for us, all we have to deal with out here in our village is wind and rain – in the nearby town the seafront prom is getting destroyed by the sea 😦

I used 350 photos for this, each taken 10 seconds apart. They were put together in Windows Live Movie Maker with a new frame every 0.09 seconds.

Cloud & Wind Time-Lapse

I’m not at work today so I decided to do some more experimenting with time-lapse. This time it was daylight which is helpful, and I had some cloud moving across the sky which makes it a whole lot more interesting. I actually did this through the living room window, which means there are a few marks here and there… I decided that as I’m just learning about this technique, I don’t mind a few marks. I’m hoping that now I’m getting the hang of it, I’ll be able to make a nicer one when weather and time allow, and I’ll do it properly outside when that day comes!