Today is cold and frosty and I ventured out into the garden to see if I could get some photos. Firstly I was taking photos of frozen water droplets on the grass. Sadly squatting down to get photos of grass really hurts, so I couldn’t do it for long. As the sun got higher theContinue reading “Shiny”

Experimenting with Droplets

I have been trying to capture my orchid in a water droplet today. It’s not the easiest thing, taking quite a bit of trial and error. I had to create a droplet that wasn’t so big that it immediately dripped off, then I had to try and get the droplet in focus, as well asContinue reading “Experimenting with Droplets”

A Trio of Droplet Trios

Today the weather is crisp, cold and bright, after a lot of wetness overnight, so I had a little potter in the garden looking at the droplets shining in the sun. With the weekly photo challenge in the back of my mind, I was looking out for threes … In response to the Weekly PhotoContinue reading “A Trio of Droplet Trios”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Refraction

I saw that the Weekly Photo Challenge was about refraction this week and thought about the droplet photos I’d already posted recently (here and here). I didn’t want to repost old photos so I decided I’d try and make a new one and try to capture a flower. As the weather is a bit rubbishContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Refraction”

Cat in a Rain Drop

Today I accidentally caught my cat in a raindrop! Can you see him there, upsidedown among the ragwort flowers?! There’s not much going on out there apart from raindrops and the ocasional spider or fly, so raindrops were my focus. I didn’t quite get the photo I wanted but this amused me. The cat wasContinue reading “Cat in a Rain Drop”

Orchid (again!)

Well the weather is truly hideous and all my hopes of a weekend of sunshine and nice walks are dashed. It’s pouring with rain and very windy again. Seems that this is how it has been for some time and it’s set to continue šŸ˜¦ So I’m back to trying to find new ways toContinue reading “Orchid (again!)”

Orchid Droplets

Today I decided to spray my orchid with water (yes, it’sĀ still alive!) and take some photos. This one is the best, I think. I am rather fond of my orchid – I’m glad I bought it. It was a toss-up between the orchid or a bunch of flowers, and I figured the orchid would lastContinue reading “Orchid Droplets”