Sexy Curves

I feel
every swing of my hips
every bounce in my breasts
every muscle working
as I walk in the sun
with a smile
on my face
I am aware
so aware
of my curves
and it feels good
and I know
I am


Is this all there is?

melting my brain
with random TV crap
is this all there is now?
endless days of
working, kids’ stuff,
cooking, cleaning
washing, mowing
worrying, fretting
staring mindlessly
at mindless drivel
sitting alone
what is
the point
of it all

Cheesy Rhyming Positivity

I’m actually quite
when I stop being

If I can stop my mind
I will find myself

Not letting the bastards
get me down
Moving forward
without a frown

Yay me!

My Mind

my mind
  is a

full of
      against eachother

bumping around
  like bumper cars
    moving in
unexpected              directions

first I think of you
  then I think of him
    then I think of things
      like cups of tea and
        perhaps I should
          empty the bin

Snail Dreams

IMG_0690the snail
dreams grand dreams
of reaching distant lands
and discovering great treasures
but the greatest treasure
is just in front of her
a clear shining crystal
of pure love
if only she could
see it


IMG_0690Sometimes I feel
Like an arty farty fraud
Looking wonderingly at
The shapes of leaves
The way the light hits
The arch of a stem
The emotions evoked by a flower
The thrill of contrast of bee against pink petals
All with this new photographer’s eye
I don’t even know the right words for
Art & culture yet I am
Composing poetry as I walk
I’m an imposter in this world
Of photographs and poetry
Yet it was aways there inside
Smothered under a pillow of practicality
but now I am finding myself
I am blossoming out
And I like who I am