Ants in my pants
Is that where “antsy” comes from?
Expendable energy
Sizzling inside
With nowhere to go
Fizzing over


Waste of a Day

A doomy gloomy kind of day
An “I can’t be bothered” morning
Followed by a “what’s the point” afternoon
A day where children are more work than pleasure
Weather is more rain than shine
Time is wasted and squandered
And nothing is achieved
A day that makes you wonder why you got out of bed at all

A Moment (to remember when times are bad)

Standing tall
Feeling happy
I am a good person
I am worthy of love
I am beautiful in my own way

Singing loudly
Sun shining
Wind in my hair

Not caring what I look like
Not caring what anyone thinks
In this moment

There is life flowing through my veins
And the future is not yet written


Reluctant to sweep them away
The cobwebs build in corners
What if there’s a spider there
Holding her breath
Waiting to feel a vibration
Back along the threads
Even though she knows
He’s far away down many
Interconnecting lines of silk

I’ll let them stay
Encouraging the spider romance
Hoping they haven’t lost their appetite
For the damn flies

But if they get together
And have lots of spider babies
I might freak out
And suck them all up
Down the vacuum cleaner pipe

Simple Pleasures

Warmed by sunshine and smiles
Soothed by wanders and exploration
Cheered by laughter and music
Simple pleasures
That life goes on
And I will be ok

A New Day

After the night
Comes the morning
After the darkness
Comes the light

It may be a bit of a grey morning
It may be a bit of a weakly shining light
But it’s there

Climbing out of the deep awful hole
Peeking my head out into the day
Breathing in the fresh air
Without the darkness crushing my chest

Edge of the World

Nothing to hold on to
No-one there to catch me
I can’t stop it now
Soon I will fall off the edge of the world
There’s nothing left

A Moment

Life is

Noise, chatter, small talk, do this, do that, keep smiling, don’t stop, keep moving…

I am one
Who needs
Quiet and peace
And time and space

Breathing deeper, slower, calmer, letting go of knotted muscles tense and tight…

My mind is
Far away
From here

Summer afternoon

Warm sun
Gentle breeze
Bare skin
Bees buzz
Birds sing
Leaves rustle
Stream gushes
Smells of summer

In the distance a mower roars
Children squawk and chatter
Tractors pass laden with hay
Fluffy clouds drift overhead

Idyllic summer afternoon it seems
Yet it doesn’t reach me
Doesn’t seep into my soul


Throwing myself off a precipice
Not to drown in darkness
But to fly into the sun
Standing at the edge looking
Up instead of down
Grinning defiantly

Leaping into the unknown sky
Trailing rainbows
And sunbeams
Rising up into the air
Lifted by warm currents
Stretching out my body

Exhilarated and free
Laughing wildly as my hair whips my face
Shouting into the wind

On Trend

The latest fashion,
The new look for summer,
Is red-rimmed eyes
And messed up hair.

The latest style,
The must-have accessory,
Is the balled up tissue
And chocolate bar.