Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular (2)

I was thinking about this challenge some more and remembered some photos I took back in July of one of the most dramatic buildings in our town. It’s called the Old College and is where the University began back in 1872. It has a lot of angles and interesting shapes! I think it suits this…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular (2)


waves crash cross promenade making a new beach scattered with bricks torn railings and shredded benches a telescope for viewing far off boats lies askew in what was the road the seawall smashed and caving in a hollow where the floor should be white water surges down the streets sweeping unwary off their feet as…… Continue reading storm

Aberystwyth Castle

Today we had a little wander round Aberystwyth while we had some time to spare. We walked round the castle and along the seafront a little before it was time to go again. I liked the look of the castle ruins against the beautiful sky, and I’ve used HDR Efex Pro to pull together 3…… Continue reading Aberystwyth Castle

Many bees and one that’s not

So, bees … they’re hard work aren’t they?!  But when you get a good shot it’s worth it. Yesterday and today I’ve spent some of my photography time chasing bees. This is the usual result: They’re usually too fast and fly away when you come near, so you get a shot like that (although I…… Continue reading Many bees and one that’s not

Aberystwyth Weather

Last weekend we went for a walk by the sea in Aberystwyth but it was cold and cloudy and blowing a gale so we didn’t stay long – I got a few photos though: On Thursday this week the weather was better and we returned to the same beach – what a difference a bit…… Continue reading Aberystwyth Weather