there is …

there is a light in me
  that no darkness can engulf

there’s a lightness in me
  that no weight can compress

there’s a sparkle in me
  that no gloom can destroy

there is a love in me
  that no hatred can deny

there is life in me
  tingling through my veins

there is life in me
  zinging through my synapses

there is LIFE in me
  there is music, there is song
    there is poetry and rhythm
      there is soul and compassion

and this life will be lived
  this life will be loved
    this life will not be wasted
      or squandered or merely existed

for I am
and I
  shine brightly
      among the stars



A Moment (to remember when times are bad)

Standing tall
Feeling happy
I am a good person
I am worthy of love
I am beautiful in my own way

Singing loudly
Sun shining
Wind in my hair

Not caring what I look like
Not caring what anyone thinks
In this moment

There is life flowing through my veins
And the future is not yet written