I am here but not here unfocused in this world full of people and noise I am here but not here bubble-wrapped among crowds separate alone I am here but not here a puppet pretending to be human yet vacant


in this maelstrom I flounder everything spins nothing will hold still moons become blue moons unexpected endocrine insanity and the tiredness drags at me like claws pulling at my flesh I try to hold on to you but you’re behind glass swirling in a maelstrom of your own and I’m making it worse

Sitting alone

I feel a strange contentment Sitting here alone I wonder why it doesn’t Always feel this way What is it in me that Craves company one day Then revels in solitude the next?


A moment of pure panic Breath comes fast Tears push against closed lids Hands shake I find myself rocking gently As the sobs come Holding myself tightly And trying to conjure up a comforting voice Hush now, hush now Everything’s going to be alright

No Thing

worthless  worth less  than nothing a walking shadow  unseen devoid of value  like a currency  where you need a billion notes  to buy a can of coke nothing  no thing  not even a thing grabbing at scraps begging for leftovers  and nobody cares

A Leaf

a leafripped from its treenow flying in the windflutters higher and lowercaught by the currentsin the air no choice in where it goestossed and batteredby the gustsas the wind dies downit falls from the airdrifting down until itslying on the pavementpeople walk over itnot seeing it thereit’s invisibledrying out and turning into a leafy skeletona shadow of…… Continue reading A Leaf