Then and now

I held you in my arms
exhausted but triumphant
a tiny baby
grown in me
each feature
perfectly formed
the overwhelming wonder
the rush of protective love
the fearful anticipation
what now?

Now looking up
as you tower over me
how did those years pass so fast?
I can no longer rock you in my arms
I cannot sing you lullabies
(so embarrassing)
but my love is as fierce as ever
and you are just as precious
and my only wish
is for your happiness
for your life to be full and content
as you step out
control your destiny
choose your direction
and I will be there
in the background
cheering you on
and lifting you up
with every breath

Happy 18th Birthday to my son x


18 years

18 years ago
I was right here
A different person
But the same me

I was breathing
I was terrified
Realising my life was about to change
The fear
The thrill
The pain

I didn’t know it would be hours yet
But I knew it was time
It was all beginning
And everything would change

a new adventure

only 10 minutes
since your birth
accompanied by Norah Jones
come away with me
and the wonder
of a baby girl
(convinced you’d be a boy)
and now
tall and strong
entirely yourself
and proud to be so
taking changes in your stride
past your years
now laying down to sleep
before a new phase begins
with the morning
new uniform
new school
new friends to make
(old ones to keep)
a little nervous
but excited
for this new adventure
and your mother
your silly old mother
is just about to burst with pride

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

As you may have gathered from yesterday’s post, I am feeling a little nostalgic and remembering when my children were small. When I saw the photo challenge was masterpiece this week, I straight away started thinking that my greatest masterpiece has to be my children! After 9 months growing inside me they both emerged perfect and beautiful – my 2 little masterpieces. Now I don’t particularly want to be putting up to date photos of them on here, but baby photos are no problem … so I made this little image in the style of a painting from a photo of each of them when they were babies. My son on the left from about 14 years ago and my daughter on the right from about 11 years ago.

Here you have it – my masterpiece(s):


Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Credit for the original photos goes to my sister and my uncle

A decade with my daughter

10 years ago today … this was me and my daughter celebrating my 30th and her 1st birthday (on the day in between them) … this year it’s 40 and 11, how time has flown by!


(not one of my photos clearly, as I’m in it – this was taken by her dad)