On the Hook, 21/11/20

This week (well, 2 weeks really as I didn’t update last week), the Diamonds not Pearls jumper has grown, and I’ve made a bauble. Here’s the jumper: Won’t be too long until I reach the bottom and will move on to the sleeves. The texture is lovely: Yesterday I came across Lilla Björn’s new CALContinue reading “On the Hook, 21/11/20”

Oops – reflections

The weekly photo challenge is ‘Oops!’ this week. The thing that immediately sprung to mind was the pile of rejected photos from the previous post featuring festive Christmas tree photos. These all include rather unwanted reflections which I didn’t think about until I was looking at them on the computer! Inspired by the Weekly PhotoContinue reading “Oops – reflections”

Golden Pink Sparkles

Any Bah-Humbugs out there, do not fear, I’m sure I will run out of angles and baubles to photograph soon. But here is yet another picture of a part of my tree. This bauble is not one of my favourites to look at because it’s a matt gold rather than shiny… but that is theContinue reading “Golden Pink Sparkles”


As Christmas is approaching and some of my fellow bloggers have been posting festive photos, I thought I’d join in. I had a fun session with my camera & tripod last night, using long(ish) exposures to get photos of baubles on my tree just lit by the fairy lights. I quite like how these cameContinue reading “Baubles”