Wildlife Welcome

I like to try and live in harmony with nature. Even if I was able to work hard getting my garden all perfect and neat, I don’t think I would want to. What I really want is a bit of the wild countryside that’s easier to access being right outside my door. I want toContinue reading “Wildlife Welcome”

New Beetle

I recently spotted this beetle in my garden. It was a new one to me. I don’t go very far from home so often I see the same creatures and plants over and over, but this was a little more unusual. Introducing the Rough-Haired Lagria Beetle (Lagria hirta). Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Pure Joy

Apart from my garden and the village pond, I think the place I most find my joy is at Cors Caron Nature Reserve. It’s so peaceful and beautiful and full of life. There’s a feeling of pure joy just to stroll slowly in the quiet, watching insects and birds, and even lizards.

Life on a Dock leaf

There’s all sorts of things happening on the Dock plants round here, mainly involving creatures with the word ‘dock’ in their names, strangely enough. Mr Dock Beetle is looking wistfully into the distance wishing he could find a friend: He imagines having a lovely cuddle just like this pair: If only he knew that MrsContinue reading “Life on a Dock leaf”

Wild Visitors

After a long week of work and all kinds of stresses and strains, it made me very happy to have a brief wander in the wild garden between showers this evening. I found a couple of lovely wild visitors out there. Firstly this little Soldier Beetle was busy flying about and allowed me to getContinue reading “Wild Visitors”

Leafy Ladybird

I’ve been able to get out a bit with the camera this weekend, so I have a new stash of photos to share. This is one of my favourites of the weekend – a lovely little ladybird sitting on an autumn leaf. I was really pleased with how the contrasting colours came out, and theContinue reading “Leafy Ladybird”