Surprises in the Garden

I get a lot of surprises when taking photos of small things. I often find myself looking at a pretty flower and discover that there is a tiny creature on board. Sometimes I don’t notice the little creatures until later on when I’m looking at the photos I took! I had a look out in…… Continue reading Surprises in the Garden

I like to give things names …

Green Hairstreak butterfly - Callophrys rubi

I like to find the names of things. I’m not usually satisfied to title a photo ‘blue flower’ or ‘some kind of insect’. I like names. Sometimes it takes me ages to figure out what something is called, scouring various websites trying to match my plant or creature to one described. Here are some of…… Continue reading I like to give things names …

Wasp Beetle with Attitude

This tough-looking creature was spotted in the garden yesterday evening. He wasn’t phased at all that Bruce tried to catch him in a plastic pot, and just looked up at me with this “what you looking at?” kind of attitude! He is a very nice specimen of a Wasp Beetle – very striking and colourful,…… Continue reading Wasp Beetle with Attitude

Dog Roses

There’s a little clearing down the road where there are often bugs to be seen, but there are also some lovely Dog Roses. This photo is looking closely into the heart of the flower at the stamens. In this case the flower was unoccupied, but often you’ll find they have beetles on board. Is it…… Continue reading Dog Roses