Birds of Folly Farm

I’m glad we weren’t planning on going to the zoo today! Going last weekend was a good choice. This week we have strong winds and rain, with an amber weather warning, so staying indoors is the best idea. Despite staying indoors I can I still share some of my pictures from last week and remember…… Continue reading Birds of Folly Farm

Chasing Herons

I visited Cors Caron  again with my daughter the weekend before last, and I spent much of our walk attempting to photograph a heron. I would try and get close enough for a good shot, and it would fly off, only to reappear elsewhere, so I would start my approach again. Here’s the story of…… Continue reading Chasing Herons

Where’s the focus?

Abstract is not really my style but the weekly photo challenge this week challenged me to think about it. Usually focus is very important to me – making sure that I’m crisply focused on the appropriate thing. Going for a more abstract look made me think about focusing differently. For example in this shot I…… Continue reading Where’s the focus?