Birds of Bournemouth

Today I have been mostly taking photos of squirrels …

However, before I subject you to an onslaught of more squirrel photos, I thought I’d give you a break with some assorted bird-life of Bournemouth.

Overhead Robin
Overhead Robin having a good old sing-song
A passing Herring Gull looking at us with a thoughtful gaze, considering if we were worth mugging for food
Mr Interfering Pigeon, one of several who was determined to get in the way of squirrel feeding and photography
Mr Puffed-Up Pigeon, who wasn’t interested in interfering, feeling rather too cold to be bothered
Mr Black-Headed Gull, trying to look tough while stepping away from the approaching camera.
What about this? The cutest little duckling you ever did see! I just wanted to snatch it out of the water and give it a cuddle. You’ll be glad to know I resisted the temptation.
Mother duck, keeping her eye keenly trained on us humans fawning over her babies

Pied Wagtail

At the weekend I spotted this little Pied Wagtail on our roof and managed to get a couple of shots of him. The sky was lovely and blue. In the 2nd photo I was happy to catch him in action walking along the roof. He seemed to be patrolling the area.IMG_8985-Edit IMG_8988-Edit

Less Elusive Pheasants

We often hear Pheasants when we’re out walking – they have a pretty distinctive sound. But the only times I usually see them are when they are on the roadside and I’m driving somewhere. However, at RSPB Ynyshir the other day there were about 6 or 7 young Pheasants hanging around the bird feeders! At first I wasn’t sure what they were as they don’t have the long tails I’d expect for a Pheasant, but that’s because they’re young. A quick check on the RSPB website and a bit of googling confirmed the identification. They were quite brave – not too fussed about people coming and going, so I was able to get a few nice shots of them.


Time flows like syrup in the heat of the day. Resting my back on the rough wood of the garden chair, I watch a blackbird pecking at the ground. In the trees, the sparrows are squabbling over peanuts and seeds as a great tit calmly pecks and pecks. The sun is too hot but I  haven’t the energy to raise myself. My limbs are heavy and I don’t want to break this spell. If I move, time will rush back to it usual heady pace. Here in this moment, I can breathe.

Freshly Fledged


There was some kerfuffle going on in the garden this evening … there were baby Great Tits in various trees and bushes being visited by their parents. There was a lot of squeaking and squawking from the babies and this helped me to spot them! I found a good view point to watch this one without scaring it too much – I was tucked in by the fence – that’s why there’s a brown corner! I thought at first it was definitely “our” Great Tits that have been nesting in the wall of our house, but I’m not so sure now. We’ve seen the parents still visiting the nest, so either these are fledglings from another nest or there are still some left in the nest. Either way, very exciting 🙂

Full-on Springtime!

Well, if you live in the UK, you’ll know we’re having a few days of lovely weather – warm and sunny. It’s really nice. I’m one of those people who likes to be warm, but not too hot. Spring is one of the nicest times of the year especially when it’s like this.

It’s not just the weather – everywhere you look it’s full-on springtime! The trees are all fresh green leaves, the verges are all fresh green grass, shooting up, the hedgerows bursting with green leaves … just a verdant, lushness of green everywhere. Then there’s the birds – Swallows swooping, Housemartins busy making nests, Great Tits feeding babies, young Jackdaws squawking in the chimney … and the rest! And not forgetting the insects of course – loads of variety now in the insects I am finding, and lots more Butterflies fluttering about.

So let’s have some photos, shall we? 🙂

First of all some of the flowers that can be seen around the hedgerow at the moment. If you’d like to see the full size versions of these, click on one, then in the gallery viewer scroll down to “View full size”. Oh and put your mouse over them in the gallery to see the captions.

I managed to get a couple of shots of the Great Tits which are (definitely) nesting in a gap in the back wall of our house – they have babies to feed now. The Jackdaws also have babies (I’m almost sure now) so they are busily flitting back and forth to feed them.

I also spotted some sparrows while at my daughter’s riding school. I guess they are nesting in the roof

Now for some insects. I’ve seen a few more insects mating, and there were some new ones that I’d not seen before which was very interesting:

Lastly, to finish off, I’ll mention a couple of trees. The Rowan flowers are now moving on to the next stage and have gone a little yellow, the Ash is finally beginning to get a few leaves, and the Elms are starting to grow leaves now after spending a long time with just their flowers.