2020 Top 10

I’ve been looking at the most popular posts on my blog for this year. I based it on both views and likes. To me, likes are more important as that tells me the viewer liked it enough to press the button. Views just tell me they had a look and doesn’t tell me whether or…… Continue reading 2020 Top 10


I struggle with labelling myself as creative, or labelling the things that I do as creativity. Is following a crochet pattern creative? Is photographing an insect or a flower creative? I get bogged down in dictionary definitions that say things like: creativity is “the ability to produce or use original and unusual ideas” or “a…… Continue reading Creativity


I have started a new blog for my crochet, so if you’re interested in that kind of thing, you can find it here: https://suzybluecrochet.wordpress.com/ I am also dabbling in Positive Journalling, and if that’s something you might like to read, it’s here: https://positivejournalling.wordpress.com/ Of course, I will still be updating this blog with my photographs 😀

Autumn is coming

Even though I love the spring (and summer), I am looking forward to the autumn arriving. The house feels more cosy and inviting with the heating on and lights glowing in the dark. We’ll snuggle under blankets and I’ll crochet more warm things. In the day time I’ll be able to go for walks and…… Continue reading Autumn is coming

Leaf-Cutter Bee and the number 2,500

I have 2 things to celebrate today! One is I saw a Leaf-Cutter Bee for the first time – so cool! And the other thing is … I realised there are now 2,500 WordPress followers of this blog! Wow! Thank you! It really inspires me on, to think of you all reading and looking at my…… Continue reading Leaf-Cutter Bee and the number 2,500

Beaky Hoverfly … and why I’m quiet

This is a photo I took about a week ago of a weird hoverfly with a long “beak”. Odd thing, but kind of cool. Its Latin name is Rhingia campestris. I haven’t been posting much the last few days because I’m having trouble sitting and using my laptop because I have what I’m assuming is…… Continue reading Beaky Hoverfly … and why I’m quiet

Photography Blog

Hi lovely readers, just a quick note to tell you I have a new blog for my photography so if you like that kind of thing please pop over and visit 🙂 Blue Girl Photography