Spring Blooms

These are some of the newest spring blooms to appear around the village at the moment. Greater Stitchworts have been popping up since the end of March, but they’re now at their finest, with lots of little white star-like flowers coming up and taking the mantle from the Celandines. I’m rather pleased with how thisContinue reading “Spring Blooms”


This morning I had a brief walk in the village while I had a few minutes and it wasn’t raining. I wanted to see how the Blackthorn was doing and get some photos of a blossom tree that I noticed was flowering while driving past to work and back. The Blackthorn flowers I posted lastContinue reading “Blossoming”


I’ve moved offices recently from one campus to another and it’s good to be back here as I used to work on this campus 5 years ago and enjoyed it here. Yesterday, I went for a walk around the grounds which are still lovely although a bit neglected these days. There are some lovely blossomContinue reading “Blossom”

Spring Blossom

As you may have noticed, if you pay attention to such things, all my recent posts have been photos I took last week or the week before … nothing brand new. This is because I was at work all week, and rather lacking in photography time. Thankfully the weekend started as soon as I finishedContinue reading “Spring Blossom”