Wordless Wednesday: Fly on the Edge



Holly Blue

A new butterfly, at least new to me … introducing the Holly Blue 🙂16652541344_c4fa356d77_o






I’m not sure if any of these are true wild native British Bluebells … they may well be more likely to be Spanish Bluebells or hybrids. Either way, they’re pretty 🙂


consistently weary
persistently dreary
walking in a grey, drab world
muffled and gruffled
I continue snappily
less than happily
if I could clear this sleep-lack
if I could only find the knack
to sleep all night
without a break
without a wake
to shift my aches and pains
perhaps I’d get
my focus back
if I could find
the sleep I lack


familiar foes
have nibbled
at my seams
’till I am all
frayed edges
fluttering fabric
fading fast


my mind
is so filled
with thoughts
of many sizes
fears and anxieties
mundane and
a constant chatter
of head noise
that I cannot
for fear
it will all leak out

to you

in this life that I live
   with its ups and its downs
      with its tears and its frowns

when I’m often in pain
   and feeling so weary
      so tired and dreary

in this wild head of mine
   where the worries swirl round
      anxieties abound

where golden honey’d glow
   can swiftly change its hue
      to deepest darkest blue

in this life that I live …

      there’s YOU

and no matter what
   brings me down
      you always
            lift me UP
               ’til I’m flying
                  above all the clouds
                     and I’m happy inside
                        where it matters the most

I can’t tell you
how you changed me
   for good
and how precious
   you are
how I love you
   so much

so much more than too


Blue Sky

edit--2No rain today! It was very cold though. I spent quite a long time outdoors as my daughter was at a Show Jumping competition, and then later we went for a walk. My fingers and toes were getting so cold! But it was lovely to see some blue sky for a change 🙂 This image is made of 3 photos taken at different exposures and brought together using HDR Efex. I tried to keep it subtle to show how it really looked to my eyes.




Photo from August 2013


I do not want
to be this person
this drooping
moaning, groaning person
who stares into space
and writes sad poems
while waiting
e n d l e s s l y
for levels
of chemical signals
to stop fluck-tuating
so flucking wildly
and let me grow old
in peace


the gloom
has got me again
swallowing my worth
sucking out my confidence
and I sink down slow
berating myself
for my weakness
as I go

morning lift off

as morning dawns
I pause
under streams
of hot water
and notice
I am lighter
less laden down
with blue
and I leap
catch an updraft
and fly into the day