Surprise Passenger

I was taking photos of Bluebells last weekend. There weren’t many yet, but they were starting to flower in the woods and elsewhere. I suspect there are more now, but it’s rainy today. Hopefully I’ll get out again sometime soon. One of them had a surprise passenger that I didn’t spot at first. Then IContinue reading “Surprise Passenger”

Big Baskets

Yesterday I spotted this honey bee on the bluebells, very busily collecting pollen. Her pollen baskets are full to bursting, and her face is liberally dusted. It was lovely to get a few shots as she went about her business. Pollination is an essential part of nature, so I’m thinking this bee could easily be describedContinue reading “Big Baskets”

Spanish Bluebell

The Spanish Bluebells are nearly all open now, and looking lovely. I got very low to the ground (with difficulty!) and got this shot into the heart of one of them. You can see from this angle that they’re different from ‘normal’ bluebells, with a shorter, wider bell. I love the colour of the stamensContinue reading “Spanish Bluebell”