Wasp attempts rebranding

On a recent walk we came across this Wasp. I presume she was female as she was rather large. It seemed to me that she was attempting to show Wasps in a new light – trying to rebrand the Wasp family as friendly, pretty insects…

“Look, here I am, sat calmly on this pretty flower, posing for your photo and doing you no harm at all – I’m a friendly, sweet little insect, honestly”
“Look into my eyes, trust me, I’m holding out my hands to you and I’m all fluffy and sweet … and no, I don’t bite, honest”

Spanish Bluebell


The Spanish Bluebells are nearly all open now, and looking lovely. I got very low to the ground (with difficulty!) and got this shot into the heart of one of them. You can see from this angle that they’re different from ‘normal’ bluebells, with a shorter, wider bell. I love the colour of the stamens – like denim 🙂