Anticipating Spring

I know, we haven’t even got Christmas out of the way yet, and I’m already thinking about next year! The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is about anticipation and this made me think of spring time and how I eagerly look for signs of what’s coming in the hedgerows. One of the things that getsContinue reading “Anticipating Spring”

More Bluebells

Along with the Bluebells that were adorned with Bumblebees, there were also many others just showing off their glory on their own. Without a wide angle lens I couldn’t get the full carpet effect, but I enjoyed getting some shots of individuals with the carpet soft-focused behind, as well as some against the greenery. LovelyContinue reading “More Bluebells”

A Quiet Walk

Stepping out of the door for a walk yesterday, drops of rain touched my face and I nearly turned back. With a sigh I tucked my camera under my coat and urged myself to just walk and breathe the fresh air, never mind the photos I wanted to take. I was glad to have persisted asContinue reading “A Quiet Walk”

Lunch Break Wandering

On Wednesday I brought my camera with me to work as the weather was nice, and had a bit of a wander during my lunch break. One of the people in my office mentioned that the Bluebells were coming out so I thought I’d go and see. Before reaching the woods I saw lots ofContinue reading “Lunch Break Wandering”


This morning I had a brief walk in the village while I had a few minutes and it wasn’t raining. I wanted to see how the Blackthorn was doing and get some photos of a blossom tree that I noticed was flowering while driving past to work and back. The Blackthorn flowers I posted lastContinue reading “Blossoming”