Rescue Snowdrop

Not all my photos from my snowdrop walk came out well. This one was not in focus at all! So I decided to let that aspect of the image lead me and ended up with this dreamy, soft-focus shot after a bit of editing. I struggle with always wanting perfect crisp focus, but this reminds…… Continue reading Rescue Snowdrop

Blurred Petals

In order to focus closely on the stamens in these lovely spring Celandines, I have let the petals be blurred and out of focus. When taking close-up photos, you are constantly making decisions about which bits to keep in focus and which to blur. Even when you are using a tripod it’s hard to take…… Continue reading Blurred Petals

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

As you surely know by now, if you follow this blog, my favourite type of photography is macro. With this type of photography, perhaps more than any other, focus and depth of field are really important. Using a macro lens you can get really close to things, but getting so close means your depth of…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Drunken Poetry

i never tried before to write while pie-eyed in low light and drinking the biggest glass of shrinking spirits turned to gas and trying to rhyme a bottle of archers just in time with angry marchers round my head waving placards that say i should go to bed tomorrow is another day but its still…… Continue reading Drunken Poetry