Blossom Bokeh

A Wild Cherry tree near my daughter’s riding school is flowering beautifully at the moment. I took a walk on Friday afternoon while she was riding  and got some bokehlicious shots 🙂IMG_3337-EditIMG_3339-EditIMG_3340-Edit


Sunny morning

On Thursday morning I was making packed lunches in the kitchen when I noticed how the sun was shining low in the sky making the dew-soaked grass twinkle. So as soon as I’d sorted out the sandwiches I nipped out and got a few photos. This one was my favourite 🙂IMG_3281-Edit

Transition in Season and Focus

Outside it’s full-on autumn with blustery winds and rain – not really the weather for going out for walks and taking photos – but indoors we have the Christmas tree to brighten things up, so there are still photo opportunities to be found. The season is changing and festivities are beginning. We are transitioning between seasons.

So there is a festive theme to my photos today. Not only a season transition, but my photos are transitioning from focus to out of focus, to get the shiny bokeh effect:


Generally I try to have at least part of the shot in focus, so that it’s not entirely bokeh…





Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition.

Beautiful Beautiful Demoiselles

No, I’m not accidentally repeating myself – this damselfly is called a ‘Beautiful Demoiselle’ and they truly are beautiful … so we have some beautiful Beautiful Demoiselles 😀

I just love these shots of this female Demoiselle – she was just resting there on the grass near the edge of the stream, and the sun was just in the right place to get this wonderful bokeh. One of these is now my desktop background 🙂

IMG_7763-Edit IMG_7765-Edit IMG_7770-Edit IMG_7771-Edit

The males are even more beautiful, but much harder to photograph! They flit around all over the place and are often defending their patch against other males. However I did get a couple of half decent shots:

IMG_7792-Edit IMG_7761-Edit

And I was extremely lucky to spot one pair mating and get some shots 🙂

IMG_7804-Edit IMG_7807-Edit

I know not all of these are on the grass but the first couple could easily be trodden on, so at least part of these post was inspired by The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Beneath Your Feet.”

Sunshine Dragon

I absolutely love this shot I got today! The sun was coming and going as clouds kept blocking it out and I was wandering around the village pond looking out for wildlife. I came upon this dragonfly in the tall grass and as I was kneeling to get a low-down shot, the sun came out and turned it into a magical scene full of bokeh and sparkle 🙂


Available to buy on my shop in a variety of formats.

Ragged Ragged Robin

Last weekend I noticed this Ragged Robin (Lychnis flos-cuculi), the first one that I’d seen this year. It looked a bit more ragged than normal but despite its tatters it is still beautiful. And the rain-covered grass glistening in the sun made some lovely bokeh to help it to sparkle. I presume some small creature enjoyed munching on this flower and I can’t really begrudge a creature eating to survive.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Broken.”

A Step Back

Sometimes I must remember that more can be better … I tend to focus closely on my subjects whereas occasionally a better photo can be gained by allowing the bigger picture to be seen.

So, for example, I might usually tend to take a photo like this of a Celandine:


Whereas, when I step back (literally) I get the bigger picture of the Celandine among the hedgerow grass:


Here’s another ‘bigger picture’ Celandine. I think this is one of my favourite Celandine shots. I love the bokeh! This was all because I went for an early walk on a sunny day so there was a lot of dew (or possibly raindrops) hanging around making lovely sparkles.


When I was taking photos of the Cuckooflowers I mostly focused on individual flower heads, but in this one I was trying to get the effect of the meadow of flowers, with grass, dandelions and dewdrop bokeh.


Stitchwort is now growing in profusion in the hedgerow, so to give you the feeling of the numbers I took a step back from them to see them all rather than my usual single flower.


This one is an Elm tree – they have these beautiful frilly flowers that I only discovered in the last couple of years. Previously I wouldn’t have looked twice, just assuming something green was spring leaves. If you were to go too close these wouldn’t look that interesting, but from this distance you see the frilly effect, and of course I love that background of soft sky and more elm flowers.


Finally, these bluebells. Not quite the usual ‘carpet of bluebells’ shot, as I’m just dealing with a few flowers in a hedgerow, but a wider shot that I usually take. I love how we have 2 blues here – the blue of the bluebells and the blue sky (as I was taking the photo from a low angle).


Hope you enjoyed my step back. Don’t expect too much of this though as I can’t resist getting in close! 🙂






I’m not sure if any of these are true wild native British Bluebells … they may well be more likely to be Spanish Bluebells or hybrids. Either way, they’re pretty 🙂

Fresh as a Daisy

You probably know the saying ‘as fresh as a daisy’ … well here’s a daisy that shows why this saying is correct. Fresh in this mornings heavy dew, in the beautiful bright spring sunshine I found this freshly opened daisy.


Don’t forget to click on it to see it larger.

I had the best walk this morning – it’s a lovely spring day and it made me feel very happy 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Fresh.”

Yellow Thirds

I was looking through my photos to see what would work with the Weekly Photo Challenge this week and picked out a few to ponder … then when I was finished I looked at what I’d come up with and discovered I accidentally had a theme emerging! Three photos showing thirds and bokeh … and also the colour Yellow 🙂 These photos are all from last June/July. Hopefully I may get out for a bit today if the weather allows.

Buttercup Meadow
Buttercup Meadow
Flag Iris
Flag Iris
Hoverfly on Ragwort
Hoverfly on Ragwort

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Rule of Thirds.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

I took some close-ups of my Christmas tree just after it went up, and if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I posted them here on the blog. However, that wasn’t all of them. I only included photos where something in the photo was actually in focus! There were others where it was all about the twinkle and not about focusing at all. Usually out of focus photos go in the bin, but these ones are keepers I think, with all the pretty bokeh and bright colours.




In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Twinkle.”