Photo Challenge: Summer

We’re having some seasonal themes over the next few weeks for the Lens Artists Photo Challenges. This week is summer. So what photos express summer to me? Well, of course I could just say summer runs from June to August and pick out photos taken during those months. But I’m going to think about whatContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Summer”

Hummingbird Hawk-moth

Today I saw my first Hummingbird Hawk-moth! I managed to get a few half-decent photos, but even without perfectly focused images, it was pretty cool! They’re quite big and as the name suggests they flap their wings quickly and hover, poking out their long proboscis to suck up nectar from the flowers. This one flewContinue reading “Hummingbird Hawk-moth”


The Peacock butterflies were enjoying the Buddleia in the garden today so I got a few photos 🙂 It’s my birthday today and my garden has celebrated with me 🙂 I got some presents for my pond too which is fab – a solar fountain and a Flowering Rush to grow in it. Hopefully ifContinue reading “Peacock”

New Butterflies!

It’s been a week since I’ve had a chance to taken any new photos, so today I strolled out into the garden to see what there was out there … and I had a great surprise! In addition to the regular butterflies (Peacock, Red Admiral, Tortoiseshell, Large White, Green-Veined White & Small Copper) there wereContinue reading “New Butterflies!”

evening in the garden

purple flower spikes less busy now as evening comes and here I sit with tea and camera (just in case) no butterflies left they’ve gone to bed (where do they sleep?) but still the swallows chitter by the out-late bees hum-bumble low and early moths flutter time slows to a honeyed trickle in our wildContinue reading “evening in the garden”


Another quick potter round the garden after getting home from work today. Sadly my head started to really ache soon after so I’ve only just got round to blogging them now it’s eased. I was chasing butterflies on the Buddleia, and got these few shots. Not all that great, but I was pleased to captureContinue reading “Flutterings”