Little Green Bugs

I have been seeing a little green bug around in the garden over the last few months. He really liked the Knapweed when they were flowering. I’d see him on them pretty much every time I went out there. I believe he is a Potato Capsid Bug (Closterotomus norwegicus). Despite his name he seems moreContinue reading “Little Green Bugs”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

I’ve spent ages pondering what photos to choose for the weekly challenge this week, veering from one angle to another. In the end I’ve gone for three quite different photos showing both actual depth and depth of field. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Minimalist (2)

I managed to get out today in a brief spell of sunshine and one of the photos I took is another good candidate for the ‘minimalist’ theme of this week’s weekly photo challenge. I spotted this bug sitting on the barbed wire fence and managed to grab a shot of him just sat there contemplating the world.Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Minimalist (2)”

Shieldbug Secrets

  Did you know that both these photos are of the same species of Shieldbug (Palomena prasina – the Common Green Shieldbug)? No? Neither did I until fairly recently when I discovered “instars” – these are phases the bug goes through between moults. So it moults off its exoskeleton and inside is a slightly moreContinue reading “Shieldbug Secrets”

Pottering in the Garden

I managed to finish work a little early today so had a quick look around the garden to see what was going on… I was pleased to see that my little Lavender bush is flowering and had a bee visiting: The Buff-Tip Moth caterpillars have grown loads since the last time I photographed them: AndContinue reading “Pottering in the Garden”

Flower Bug

I took these photos a couple of days back when I spotted this bug on our little Willow tree. I thought he was pretty. Then last night I was going to blog him, but spent ages instead trying to work out what he was! Finally today I have figured it out and I can nowContinue reading “Flower Bug”

Surprise Insect

I’m interrupting the roses to bring you a weird little bug. I was taking photos of the catkins on the pussy willow and when editing them on the computer I noticed a little bug next to one of them. So I went back out and had a closer look and got a few shots ofContinue reading “Surprise Insect”