Surprises in the Garden

I get a lot of surprises when taking photos of small things. I often find myself looking at a pretty flower and discover that there is a tiny creature on board. Sometimes I don’t notice the little creatures until later on when I’m looking at the photos I took! I had a look out inContinue reading “Surprises in the Garden”

Quiet Moments

Quiet moments are my favourite kind of moments. If you are trying to take photos of potentially skittish small creatures, quiet moments are essential. Sometimes I find myself holding my breath as I creep closer to try and get that shot. Sometimes they pose nicely, sometimes they flit away as soon as the camera isContinue reading “Quiet Moments”

Small World

I may not travel very far afield I do have a drive to keep wandering round the local area and peering into the lives of the insects and plants that live here. I want to see what is stirring in these days of spring, and visit the places where different types of creatures and plantsContinue reading “Small World”