Sweet Bee

I met this bee the other day in the garden, quietly bumbling about in an Evening Primrose flower. It was a cute little thing. It was about to head off to another flower and turned to look at me before it left.


Fuzzy Buzzy

I thought I’d post a picture I took the other day of a Hoverfly close-up. It looks very fuzzy – it seems to even have hairs in its eyes! It’s sitting on one of the last of the Ragworts, which will be all over soon. Autumn is rushing in it seems. Anyway so here’s the Hoverfly, and he’s brought a few of his fuzzy friends!

Hoverfly on Ragwort:

Tree Bumblebee (I think) on Bramble:

A Solitary Bee feeling a bit the worse for wear (he flew off after a little rest, don’t worry):

And finally, this Hoverfly who’d had enough of the insect paparazzi and insisted on no more photos:

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Shine the Divine

Beautiful Bee


This beautiful Bumblebee was just having a rest on this Bramble leaf as I was passing. She kindly posed for me a few times before flying away. I was very grateful ๐Ÿ™‚

Nature’s Calendar and a Bee

I found out about Nature’s Calendar on Oak Trees Studio’s blog just the other day and it’s a really great tool, which I immediately signed up to! It’s made by the Woodland Trust and you can record the dates when you see certain signs of spring (and later on, autumn), like when the snowdrops or bluebells flower. There’s lists of things to look out for, so I will be keeping an eye out for them on my walks. It’s making me more excited about spring!

One thing I did spot today was a Bumblebee! I’m not sure what type. She didn’t look very well, crawling on the steps outside my office, as she fell over on her back at one point. I had to get moving though or I would have been late and I’m not sure what happened to her. I think she had come out too early, sadly.

Bees & Grass

In a bid to avoid my blog being entirely filled with butterflies, I shall try and make sure to include some other photos from time to time. The thing is that the Buddleia is blooming madly and the garden is full of butterflies so it’s hard to resist taking yet more shots of them. If you were to look at my Flickr stream you’d see the results! However, I have taken shots of other things … like these bees … which I am rather pleased with. I’m happy with the way the bee and flower stand out against the blurred grass in each of these ๐Ÿ™‚




Nectar Robber

edit-3273I took this photo a few weeks back at Cae Hir Gardens but it got left behind somehow. I noticed this bumblebee visiting these blue flowers, but rather than going in the top he seemed to be ‘cheating’ and getting getting his nectar some other way from beneath. I’ve just done some googling and this is known as ‘nectar robbing’. You’d think this would be bad for the flowers, not getting the insect coming in and spreading pollen … though if it was that bad, you’d think that some plants would have evolved with really tough petals making this kind of thing impossible… Anyway, it’s definitely another thing to fascinate me in the macro world ๐Ÿ™‚


Bee on Scabious


Today I bring you yet another bee… I can’t help myself, I am just drawn to bees! This time it’s a small bumblebee on a Scabious flower, taken this evening on a short walk after work. The Scabious flower is rather nice, actually not really a flower in itself but a collection of tiny flowers in one head, so it ends up looking like one big frilly flower. If I have any decent shots of just the Scabious flower head, I’ll post one tomorrow.

Little Bee


I saw this little bumble at the weekend at Cae Hir Gardens. He was tiny, and seemed a little dozy, just clambering over this flower like he’d forgotten he had wings. Very cute and easier to photograph than the ones speeding around from flower to flower. I am rather fond of bees ๐Ÿ™‚